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Welcome to the Natchitoches Alligator Park!

We are now closed for the season as the alligators are going into hibernation. We will reopen on April 4th 2020.

Come explore the unique, mysterious, and exciting world of the American Alligator at the Natchitoches Alligator Park. Located just outside of Natchitoches, Louisiana. This 8 acre park is an authentic Cajun countryside, complete with Cajun music, genuine Cajun cuisine, and an abundance of world-famous Louisiana “Joie de Vivre” – and, of course, don’t forget the gators! Hundreds of alligators will entertain you with hourly feeding shows, but you don’t have to just watch. You can feed them, touch them, even have your picture made with them and if you dare, sample some of our delicious alligator in the “Gator Bites Snack Shop“.

One thing is certain, it will be an adventure your family won’t soon forget – a real Louisiana experience at the Natchitoches Alligator Park.

Alligator Park Blog

We are closed for the 2019 Season!

Posted on March 28th, 2015
Category: Park News
We will reopen on April 4th 2020. Make plans to come see all the gators and animals this Spring and Summer. We have a LOT planned for the coming months! Meet our new attraction named "Chewy", our 26' tall alligator. He will greet you at the gate as you drive into the parking lot.

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Hold a Gator!

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