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American Alligator Conservation

The Mating RitualEducating consumers is essential to the cycle of protecting the American Alligator. Each purchase of a genuine alligator product is an investment in the sustainable use of the alligator and its habitat. Under a value-added conservation management program, alligators, which are natural renewable resources, are providing revenues for Louisiana state alligator management and research programs and are encouraging private landowners to maintain alligator habitats in a natural and productive state.

The American Alligator is not an endangered species. They were taken off the endangered species list in 1978 and placed on the protected list in all eight states where they live. Their habitat extends from the southern tip of Texas to the southeastern edge of North Carolina. Agricultural and urban encroachment continually threaten the long-range future of the alligator and it’s wet land habitat. Some of the protective programs set up in those eight states are as follows: nuisance alligator control, private lands alligator management, statewide alligator harvest on state waters, alligator farming and alligator egg and hatchling programs.

Products include leather articles and alligator meat. Alligator hides are used to produce beautiful and unique shoes, briefcases, belts, wallets, and handbags. Alligator meat tastes good, and it’s good for you because it’s low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein and minerals. Every time you buy or eat an alligator product, you help protect alligators by making them a valuable resource whose habitat and lifestyle should be protected.