111 Gator Bites Snack Shop at the Natchitoches Alligator Park
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Gator Bites Snack Shop

After a day of feeding alligators, you’ve probably worked up a pretty good appetite, so let’s head for the “Gator Gites Snack Shop”. Here, you can sample some authentic Cajun fare. And of course, topping the menu is a myriad selection of alligator cuisine: alligator kabobs are my favorite with the bell peppers, onions, & potatoes marinated into the tender tail meat and fried to a golden brown in our special batter. Gator bites are another favorite if you don’t care for the veggies, also alligator sausage (very spicy). A favorite treat for the kids is the tasty gator sipper,an alligator shaped souvenir cup filled with our special “swamp water” (fruit punch). If all these alligator dishes make you feel a little green, take comfort in the fact that you can order traditional fare as well as some dishes that you may want to try. Like crawfish pie with a tomato flavor and Natchitoches meat pies, a local favorite.

Lunch timeSpecialties

Alligator Ka-bob -$6.00
Gator Bites W/fries -$6.00
Alligator Sausage -$6.00
Boudin Balls – 3 For $3.00
Alligator Crunch Meal -$6.00
Natchitoches Meat Pie-$4.00
Crawfish Meat Pie -$4.00
Chicken Tenders -$3.00
French Fries -$3.00
Nachos With Cheese -$3.00
Frito Pie -$3.00
Corn Dog -$2.00
Hot Dog – $2.00
Cookies -$1.00
Chips -$1.00


Gator Sipper -$3.00
Soft Drinks -$1.50
Bottled Water -$2.00

Please add 8.5% sales tax. Prices subject to change.