111 Natchitoches Louisiana Alligator Park Features
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Natchitoches Louisiana Alligator Park Features

From protected walkways and platforms, you’ll be able to see hundreds of alligators, from the young 4-footers to the huge 1000-pounders, all immersed in their natural environment at the Natchitoches, Louisiana Alligator Park. The whole family will enjoy watching as these big gators swirl, splash, lunge, and leap for their dinner. You can even get your picture taken holding one of them.

... or Alligator Island!

… or Alligator Island!

Lets start our trek through alligator park at “alligator island”, where you will be surrounded by huge alligators. This is a thrilling experience , especially for the kids. On the island, the whole family will enjoy the “alligator island show”. A lively and informative demonstration of the alligator farming industry and the conservation program to save the american alligator. While on the island don’t miss our air-conditioned game room where you can play air hockey and try your luck with “the claw”. Right around the corner is our “reptile habitat” where you will find plated lizards, skinks, water dragons, savannah monitors, iguanas, caiman crocodiles, “myrtle” a 50 year old alligator snapping turtle, baby alligators in an aquarium and much more. Next on the agenda is a walk through tiny town. A town built at half scale with a barber shop, sheriff’s office, mercantile store, schoolhouse and many more where you will be able to feed our cute little pigmy goats, miniature horses, peacocks and many more of our cute little critters through the windows of the town.

Showtime at Castaway IslandNext, it’s showtime again. This time we travel to “castaway island” where we encounter two pilots that have crashed on an island surrounded by large hungry alligators. You will be able to see our feeding show from the comfort of our covered stadium seats while we attempt to feed from a cajun house boat surrounded by these big monsters. It is our newest and most exciting show ever!

Edgar the albino alligator was with us for about 7 years. But unfortunately, he passed away but not forever. He was so beloved, we had him brought back with a professional taxidermist. So you will still be able to see him in his original domain. According to national geographic, there are only 30 true albino alligators in the world. They lack any pigmentation and are therefore unable to survive in the wild. Without their natural camoflage, they are unable to hide and hunt for their food. Also they have no protection from the sun and will eventually go blind if exposed to the elements. Edgar has his own apartment at the park and can be viewed through windows.

Edgar the Albino Alligator

Edgar the Albino Alligator

All right, we have seen quite enough alligators, so lets head across the suspension bridge and over the waterfall toward “the jungle”. Hang on; this bridge moves under you feet. As we enter the jungle, we are in air conditioned comfort as we peer into rooms full of slithery snakes from around the world in their natural invironment including “bernadine” the 14′ albino python and all of her friends in a rainforest atmosphere. Deeper into the jungle we go until we come across “Rocky Raccoon Resort”. A little village made just for our cute little raccoons. They have little houses on stilts with bridges connecting them and their very own waterfall. They’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys and you can feed them too! 

All right, time to press on to “turtle town”. It’s a whole town with houses, streets and bridges inhabited totally by box turtles. As we turn the corner, we run smack into “papa joe”, so naturally, it’s only polite to stop and have a chat with our resident cajun. He looks so real, you’ll think he is.